MesoGlue Sample Kit – Beta

MesoGlue kit for bonding. Mixed and applied similar to two part epoxy, this glue offers the advantage of being entirely metal. This provides excellent electrical and thermal properties.

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Product Price $1,000.00
SKU: MGkt101

Product Description

The MesoGlue sample kit is a two part adhesive consisting of liquid metal and a hardener. When the two parts are mixed, the components combine to form an all metal solid which can be used to bond surfaces. Many different kinds of materials can be attached together, and MesoGlue can also be used for such applications as hole filling. The kit contains two kind of MesoGlue, one which cures at room temperature, and one which cures at 100oC. The cure time for each is 24 hours. Ten single use samples of the room temperature and ten of the 100oC cure glue are included.

The MesoGlue sample kit includes:

  • MesoGlue Mixer
  • 10 single use samples of glue, room temperature cure
  • 10 single use samples of glue, 100 oC cure
  • Glue spreading tool
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Detail mixing and use instructions

The 100oC cure temperature glue offers improved workability and higher strength after curing.

Recommended For:

  • Bonding metal, glass, ceramic.
  • Crafts, and jewelry making

Not Recommended For:

  • Teflon
  • Aluminum
  • Wet surfaces

Single Use Tubes of Glue.


MesoGlue on Glass slide.