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MesoGlue is our revolutionary joining solution that lets you attach items together with a metal bond, at room temperature. This is like welding or soldering, but without the heat! The patented process gives you the strength and thermal/electrical conductance of a metal bond, with the ease of attachment of glue or tape. Surfaces are merely pressed together to form a very strong connection.

Our MesoGlue technology can be applied to nearly any flat surface. The surface can be rigid or flexible, and roll-to-roll processing is possible. We currently offer coating of two joining surfaces at our state of the art processing facility. Items of up to approximately 1 cubic foot can be accommodated.


  • MesoGlue Silver:

    A pure silver bond offering the highest electrical and thermal conductivity. Formation of the bond requires moderate pressure.


  • MesoGlue Eutectic:

    A bond made of primarily copper with other metals added to help the process. Formation of the bond requires only fingertip pressure.

Licensing of our patented processes is also available to help you meet your specific needs.

For the moment, surfaces to be glued have to be first prepared here in our lab.
Our retail products that allow the user to do all the gluing themselves, similar to liquid glue or epoxy, are not quite ready for release.